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Waste Stream Logistics
GoodRock Capital is a comprehensive solution provider of municipal waste stream logistics and support based on sealed bale technologies. Download Brochure.
Waste Stream Logistics

Integrated refuse scanning, recording, packing and tracking system launches. (Patent Pending)
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Available Aircraft

GoodRock Capital performs aircraft brokerage services for its clients. Please see this section for more information and a list of available aircraft.

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Welcome to the GoodRock Capital web site. We are an investment management and asset management firm for the International Industrial and Government market sectors. As the world economy continues to mature, GoodRock Capital is positioned to fill the need for professional acquisition asset finance and project management either as a partner or as an independent contractor.

Our products and services are segmented by category: Aviation Resources, Renewable Waste Solutions, Government Counter Trade. The GoodRock Capital network of professionals has many years of combined knowledge and experience in economic development, finance, industrial project management, and in the aviation industry.

Our products and services are delivered with the professionalism and confidentiality that is required for each task performed. We look forward to serving your project and procurement needs through GoodRock Capital LLC and/or through our associations and partnerships. Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your request by making the service available, or by referring you to someone that will satisfy your particular need. Thank you for visiting GoodRock Capital.

Waste Stream Logistics  
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